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About Us


A year ago we took a risk and started a new business for our funeral home.  It isn't a business we know nothing about, however.  In fact, it is an extension of our expertise in the funeral home, offering custom monuments to families through a Kepner Funeral Home affiliated company, Tribute Monument.  We felt like our funeral home needed to provide this service to our families for several reasons.  First and foremost, our funeral directors at Kepner Funeral Homes truly value the bond they make with each family during the funeral process.  Our first request during the initial meeting is that the family tells us about their loved one.  What was he like?  What did he care about?  What did he enjoy doing when he had the afternoon to himself? We strongly believe that understanding the deceased allows for the best possible memorialization of that person.   After working so hard to get to know the family and their loved one, it doesn't feel right sending them to someone else for the last step in the memorialization process.  Our funeral directors at Kepner Funeral Homes have many years of experience in dealing with grieving families; therefore, we feel it makes sense to go through our monument company.  Kepner Funeral Homes’ ultimate goal is memorializing your loved one and taking care of your family’s needs through out the entire death process. 

Over the past couple years we have been working hard to understand the ins and outs of the monument business.  Alex Kepner was fortunate enough to work and learn from Joel Braido of Braido Memorials in Bethesda, Ohio.  He took the time to mentor him in the business over the past year and we can't be more thankful towards Joel.  He made sure Alex understood that there is a hard way and easy way when dealing with monuments.  He made even more sure Tribute was always taking the hard way, because it is the better way for the family purchasing the monument.  The easier way involves shortcuts that can have a negative effect on the monument in the long term.  

We have enjoyed using our expertise in the monument business over the past year and are looking forward to Tribute Monument helping more families in the future.  When we recently asked Alex about the new monument business created for the funeral home, his reply was,


“I have been a funeral director for a few years now, and I enjoy bringing the same approach when working with a family on a monument.  It is a lasting piece that represents the person, so I like to sit with the family and learn about the individual if I already haven’t through the funeral process.  It will also be a great chance for our firm to be more creative.”


Tribute Monument offers a design program that brings the client’s ideas to life and clearly displays a picture of the monument, making the design process much easier.   Tribute offers a wide selection of the highest quality granite, marble and bronze to be used for your custom markers, monuments, and mausoleums. Memorials in all shapes and sizes are available to reflect the personality of your loved one.  Monument cleaning and engraving are also available.  Kepner Funeral Homes is proud to incorporate Tribute Monument as an extension of their already reputable firm and they promise to provide the best memorialization of your loved one possible.  


Thank you for reading our story.

-Alex Kepner